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Yes!  We offer practice questions to supplement the course material.  These questions are not official test question and are not meant to be memorized.  They enforce the recorded lessons and are available as part of the exam prep packages.

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We try to update our material within 1-3 months on changes to the exam objectives.  For Microsoft courses, this usually is faster than the official exam ref guides!  The good news is that Microsoft seems to update exam objectives during the same months every year.  June = Office 365,  November = Azure.  This helps us plan better and ultimately lets us prepare for when the updates will occur.

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That’s a great question.  The short answer is:  Know how features and functionality work today.

Microsoft goes out of their way to tell you that the Exam objectives are just general guidelines and you should prepare for exams through real-world practice.  In fact, Microsoft says that the Exam Ref material and the exams are developed independently.

Therefore, if you answer an exam question with how something functions today, and you believe they marked it incorrect, you can challenge it.  We’ve already had students do this and win the challenge.  If, however, you answer with outdated or inaccurate information from the Exam Ref or other training material, Microsoft will most likely tell you that the material is wrong and not official.

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The Microsoft exam?  Honestly?  Probably not entirely.  There is almost no way that the exam development people are kept up to date when things change on cloud-based platforms.  Often the documentation isn’t even up to date.  But you should always answer exam questions with the functionality as it exists today.  If you feel it was marked incorrect, you can challenge it after the exam.

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We don’t always list the dates that we recorded or updated course material.  We make periodic corrections when possible and try to keep everything as current as possible.  We include demos in most of our lessons so you can see the functionality as it existed at the time of recording.  We encourage you to follow along with your own testing.  That way, if you notice changes from what we did in the demo, then you can trace it back to recent changes that have occurred.

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hank you!  We strive to always be accurate but there is a lot of info to cover.  Please send inaccurate information to and we will make corrections as soon as we can

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That is a difficult question to answer due to the nature of cloud computing platforms.

Our mission is to provide the most thorough and comprehensive training available, and that takes time to produce.  So things can change quickly and sometimes before we can cover them.  We will always strive to produce content that is as accurate and timely as possible.

The good news is that because we go so in-depth, we cover a lot of theory.  And theory doesn’t change all that much over time.  So our belief is that a deep understanding of how technology works goes a long way to knowing how to apply it.

For certification exam purposes, we still believe that we have the most abundant source of accurate online exam prep material, and you should feel very confident with us as your online training provider.

We provide lab demonstrations as part of our training and we encourage you to follow along with your own test environments.  If Microsoft has changed how something is implemented, we hope that you will have discovered it during this portion of your learning and made the necessary adjustments to your knowledge.

If you do find any information that you feel is inaccurate or outdated, please let us know at


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We put A LOT more work into our lessons than other providers.

For each lesson, we perform research, study the competition, build lab environments, test functionality, organize lesson material, design PowerPoint slides with animation, plan a demonstration, write a lesson script, double-check everything, record the lesson, record the demo, edit the production, adjust audio quality, and render the final product.

Our hope is that with so much work upfront, we will be faster to change course material when functionality changes, and therefore we will be able to do it more often!

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Please see the lesson calendar for this information.  Release Dates are not guaranteed, but you can see what we are currently working on.

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